Lianne McNally is an award-winning writer, director and producer whose credits include the 2002 Academy Award nominee for Documentary Short Subject -- Artists and Orphans: A True Drama. That film follows the work of an American theater troupe who visited the Republic of Georgia for an arts festival, and ended up saving an orphanage. Prior to her independent work, Lianne McNally was the top producer for two seasons of The Best Of Us, a "good news" magazine show from CBS News Productions. She has made numerous videos for nonprofits including The Doe Fund, New York Restoration Project and SKIP of New York. Other notable work includes development of a project based on the life of 18th-century female pirate Ann Bonny for Showtime, a short retrospective of veteran newsman Mike Wallace and a cross-country video tour of CBS News affiliates. Lianne McNally’s work has been seen on HBO, National Geographic, USA Network, The History Channel, Discovery and other broadcast and cable outlets. A graduate of Stanford University, McNally is committed to projects that can shed light on pressing social issues and inspire positive change.